Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

How to Find Jewelry Wholesale Sources

If you are in the jewelry business or thinking about  getting into the jewelry business, you need to find  jewelry wholesale sources. Finding these sources  isn’t as difficult as you might think – they are  everywhere, and if you have access to the Internet,  you literally have the world of jewelry wholesale at  your fingertips.

There are many wholesale company directories  available online, but you really don’t have to  purchase these to find the jewelry wholesale  companies. Instead, use the search engine and  type ‘jewelry wholesale companies’ or ‘jewelry  wholesale suppliers’ into the search box. This is  the easiest, and cheapest way to find jewelry  wholesale sources.

Start making a list of sources. You can do this on  notepad or in a spreadsheet. Keep up with which  company has the best prices on certain items,  shipping costs, contact information, and any other  information you may need in the course of doing  business.

Don’t forget the online auctions, and remember that  eBay isn’t the only online auction either! Keep your  eyes open for great deals on jewelry, and make  bulk purchases when you can.

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