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How to Sell Jewelry Wholesale

If you are a creative person, with a great sense of  style and flair, you may be able to start your own  business – making and selling jewelry wholesale.  Because people are so very unique, they want  jewelry pieces that are unique – one-of-a-kind  pieces that nobody else in the world owns! This  desire can make you quite a bit of money –  simply start your very own jewelry wholesale  company.

You can easily order wholesale supplies from  hundreds of companies around the globe online –  at really low prices. It is important to keep up with  how much each part of each piece of jewelry costs  you, and to get a total cost of each piece, including  any expenses that you had for having supplies  shipped to you. With the total cost figured, you can  easily set your prices by adding 15% to the cost.

You can sell your pieces in a variety of ways. You  can open your own online wholesale jewelry store,  sell to local jewelry stores, rent booths at local flea markets and fairs, or advertise your jewelry making  skills and take orders for unique pieces. You can  also sell your pieces on consignment at boutiques.

You want to be known for your quality. Always  select the highest quality gems and stones for your  pieces, and make sure that the craftsmanship is  outstanding. Become exclusive, and more people  will want to purchase your pieces – and never make  any two pieces alike.

However, you can also go the other route and make  hundreds of identical pieces, as they are ordered.   You do this by making one very unique, high quality  piece, and showing it to your local jewelry stores.  Ask them if they would like to order in bulk, then fill  the order.

Another option is to do catalog sales. Make enough  pieces to fill a small catalog, and take pictures of  each piece. Write a description for each piece and  then put together your own catalog using software  and a good printer – or send the work to a print  shop. You can send these catalogs out to a list  that you obtain from a direct mailing list company.

This type of business does require creativity and  skill, but it also requires the ability to market  yourself and your jewelry. You need to have  business cards printed, and also have catalogs and  brochures printed as well to market your jewelry  wholesale business.

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